Client Testimonials

Lindsay has made a tremendous difference in my son’s life.  She has worked as his therapist for roughly two and a half years.  Over the course of that time, my son went from repeating words and fixating on mechanical objects to fully engaging with his peers and playing in an age-appropriate fashion.  My son is now six.  He attends a local, private elementary school where he requires no classroom support and is able to play imaginary games, tag and is beginning to play group sports like basketball.  During his latest doctor’s appointment, I was told that the signs and symptoms of autism, if that is what it was, appear to no longer be present.

Lindsay has truly been a miracle worker.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Every therapist has an area of unique strength; however, I feel one trait that sets Lindsay apart is the authenticity she brings to her team.  Lindsay doesn’t put on an ABA hat.  She is genuinely herself at all times.  I feel that children can sense this, and she is able to build trust and rapport with them right from the beginning.

Our family has been fortunate.  My son has improved to the point that our time with our therapy team is now dwindling.  However, as I look back over the last few years, I do not feel my son could have had a better advocate, coach or friend than Lindsay.  Lindsay knows what she is doing, and she has provided us with real, tangible results that we celebrate each and every day.

– K.S., Beaverton, OR

Lindsay believed strongly in the potential of my son and helped us to do the same. She knows intuitively how to push kids to be the best they can be, without pushing too far. She balances firm expectations with deep empathy and a kind heart. In one year, she helped our son develop out of unwanted behaviors and grow into a child who can identify and express feelings, desires, and interests. She helped provide a window into his mind and his heart, increasing our connection with our son and decreasing his and our moments of frustration tremendously. Whether developing verbal skills, evolving academic skills, or building community-based skills (playing at the park, grocery shopping), Lindsay worked nearly every weekday with my son on a rigorous curriculum, which rarely felt to him like work. She has been a great resource and source of support to us, as well, as we navigate challenging parenting and sibling issues. She has endless patience and is a potty training guru! Our son’s favorite thing is Lindsay’s beautiful voice, and we hear her now through him as he sings “Good Morning” and “Raindrops on Roses.”

– C.K., Portland, OR

Lindsay worked with our son Jack for two years.  She quickly and correctly determined what Jack’s challenges were and was able to build a trusting relationship with him, which is not an easy task.

One of Jack’s biggest challenges was relating socially to others, especially peers.  Lindsay was one of the first people in his life to introduce “social thinking.”  She always came prepared with an age-appropriate lesson structured around social thinking, including great visuals that she encouraged us to use in our interactions with Jack outside of therapy.  These helped our family immensely, as we referred to them periodically throughout the week as reminders.

One of the things I most appreciate about Lindsay is her flexibility.  While Jack was in 2nd and 3rd grade, he experienced significant behavior issues, mainly at school and then later at home.  Lindsay was fantastic at modifying her lesson plans on the spot to focus on any immediate needs our family had.  This was a life-saver for all of us, as her ideas were relevant and effective.

Lindsay was also one of Jack’s biggest advocates.  It was so refreshing to hear her perspective of what his abilities were vs. the challenges his educators constantly voiced. She really did believe in our son and demonstrated it when she worked and interacted with him.

One of the most important things Lindsay did for Jack, and our family, was to help build his self-esteem.  Jack is very aware of the differences he has with his peers, and she thoughtfully identified with him what his strengths were. This positively impacted his self-confidence.  I would highly recommend utilizing Lindsay’s talents.

– J.D., Wilsonville, OR